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CBD Strips: Everything You Need To Know About Us & The Newest Medical Marvel

Better Health, Better Life

There are many different ways to get the CBD your body needs. Smoke or vape a high-CBD strain. Dab a CBD concentrate. Eat a CBD-laced edible. Or take a few drops of CBD tincture. Unfortunately, most of these methods draw a lot of attention. You certainly can’t smoke, vape, or dab at the office. Yes, edibles and tinctures are a bit more discreet, but they could still lead to questions from co-workers.

A CBD strip is an inconspicuous way to get a dose of CBD anytime, anywhere. That’s why many medical-marijuana users choose dissolvable CBD strips as their go-to method for pain relief, control of anxiety, and the management of other medical symptoms.

The Oral Strip Company

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The simplest analog, and perhaps the inspiration for the CBD variety, is the breath strips that became so popular a number of years back. Breath strips and CBD strips are both small squares of edible “paper” that have been infused with any of several ingredients. In the case of the breath strip, it’s menthol, eucalyptus, and other components that make your breath smell good. In the case of the CBD strip, it’s the cannabinoid cannabidiol (CBD). Regardless of what’s included in the strip, the “paper” itself is extremely water soluble. That means that is will dissolve quickly when it comes in contact with water—in this case, the saliva in your mouth.